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    The MyProcedure website is a free tool developed by CREST and SimPORTAL featuring custom anatomical models and animations for patient education
    A Free Tool Developed For You by CRESTTM
    and SimPORTALTM
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    About MyProcedure

    Male Anatomy Click here to load the male anatomy model
    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Click here to load the benign prostatic hyperplasia model
    Radical Prostatetectomy Click here to load the radical prostatectomy model
    Female Anatomy Click here to load the radical prostatectomy model
    Mid-Urethral Sling Click here to load the mid-urethral sling model

    About MyProcedure

    MyProcedure is a completely free educational tool developed by the Center for Research in Education and Simulation Technologies in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Urology. Failure to ensure a patient’s understanding of the details regarding a diagnosis and proposed treatment may result in poor decisions, ill-informed consent, negative experience and avoidable health care costs. Keep yourself informed with this free tool today!


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    "My son was born with hydro-nephrosis post urethral valves, due to both of the ureters and urethra being severed. He is no14 and has had a quite a few surgeries, bladder reconstruction, mitronoff. And has suffered alot of kidney damage. This site allows him to see exactly what his body looks like and how he should take care of it. Don't get me wrong he has some brilliant doctors at the children's hospital we go to, but explaining this to a 5 or 16 year old can be daunting...THANK YOU LOVE THE SITE...

    -anonymous" via Chrome Web Store

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